Have you ever wanted your own RC helicopter or plane? Well I have my entire child hood as well as many of you probably did. But pricing was always so expensive.


Well good news!!!!! Pricing for RC products is dramatically reduced and I am ready to help you get started on custom building your very own RC multi-copter. I have built and flown many different types of multi-copters and by far my favorite and easiest to learn is the Tri-copter and Quad-copter. These will allow you stability as well as maneuverability.
Some more advanced assemblies would be a hexacopter (6 motors/props) or octacopter (8 motors/props) which are both great for doing filming and other task that require lifting power.

Once comfortable with flying you can upgrade to some more advanced flight controllers with GPS capability so that you can set missions for your copter to go on without you actually controlling it. This combined with FPV camera system and you have your very own UAV or Drone.

Most quadcopters can be built for under $250.00 not including the radio or labor where it used to be over $600.00 to even just think about one.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to set up your very own multi-copter and start flying soon.

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